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EXCLUSIVE: Watch: Sam Morrow Teases Upcoming Sophomore Album


 Sam Morrow

There is No Map is far more than the title of Sam Morrow’s sophomore album– it’s a critical life lesson from an artist and young guy just trying to make his way in the world.

After releasing a debut album, 2014’s Ephemeral, that explored dark themes, Morrow knew that for his follow up effort he wanted to make something a little more fun and a little more bold. A record of his musings and adventures.

Together with producer Eric Corne, who also worked on Ephemeral, they assembled a team of musicians: Eamon Ryland on guitar, Ted Russell Kamp on bass, Matt Tecu on drums and Sasha Smith on keys, and in just 48 hours at Kingsize Soundlabs in Los Angeles, the newly formed band of musicians transformed a rough concept and handful of raw material into an album.

In the album trailer, which you can watch exclusively on Elmore below, Corne, Morrow and Tecu talk about their experience creating the record. Morrow jokes around and lets out frequent R-rated expressions of joy over the magic that’s being made. “Mostly what I’ve learned from the last record to this record,” he tells the camera, “is just that I can do what I want. I’m only like a 24 year old dude who’s just trying to figure shit out.”

Without doubt, Morrow’s freewheeling, experimental attitude, his self-assuredness mixed with self-awareness and his ability to bring people together in a creative environment makes him one of the exciting new fixtures in modern Americana.

There Is No Map will be released September 18th on Forty Below Records. Watch the album teaser below, and look out for Morrow when he hits Rockwood Stage 3 in New York City on September 12th.